Captain Mike Jablonski

Captain Mike is a United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain with over 40 years of Great Lakes fishing experience. He started Fishin’ Finn-Atics back in 2016.


“There is nothing more gratifying to me than being able to put someone on their first fish.”


Captain Joey Majdecki

Captain Joey is 33 years old and has been fishing Saginaw Bay for 30 years. He loves catching Walleyes and King Salmon.


“My favorite part of being a Captain is teaching new people how to fish and teaching experienced anglers new tactics.”


Captain Josh Metiva

Captain Josh is 26 years old and has been passionately fishing for 20 years.


“I started fishing Lake Michigan with my grandpa at about the age of 6 and fell in love with it. I got my first job as a first mate when I was a Junior in high school. Once I graduated and turned 18, I got my captains license and have been helping other captains ever since.”